Best Brain Games for Dogs

brain games for dogs

It is very important for dogs to involve in different activities this not only makes them active but also makes their mind sharp and mentally strong. This enables them to react to different situations in the right manner. The following are easy and best brain games for dogs that you can start playing with your dog at your home.

Dogs Puzzles 

This is one of the best activities for dogs. There are plenty of different dog puzzles available. The ultimate goal is that your dog should be able to solve the puzzle and earn a reward from you. This also eliminates boredom. The good thing is, you can also make your own dog puzzle for your dog. This can be done with the help of a few balls or plastic tins. These puzzles also solve the problem of much-needed exercise for dogs and also prevents anxiety. Furthermore, these puzzles also help in creating a strong bond between the dogs and their owners. This leads to solving behavioral issues in dogs by training them.

You should try to make these brain games part of your dog’s daily routine. Thirty to forty-five minutes every day will also work. With food puzzles, you can let your dog work for its own food. Lastly, these puzzles are good for any type of dog and puppies also of any age. So, start planning puzzles for your dog to stimulate your dog’s brain.

The Hand Game for Dog’s Brain

This is one of the most fun brain games to play with dogs. The funny thing is we humans also play this game a lot. So basically what you do in this brain game is, you can take some food or some other thing in one hand. Stretch your both hands in front of your dog and show that to your dog. Then close your hands and take your hands back. If you want to switch the position of the thing between your hands do that and then stretch your hands again informant if your dog and tell the dog to choose a hand that contains the thing you showed your dog previously.

If your dog chooses the right hand which contains the thing, then reward your dog. If it is not the right hand then repeat the activity. Your dog will love this game.

Shell Game

This game will actually tell you how fast your dog analysis things and also what is your dog’s level of concentration. All you need in this game are a few cups with a little bit of dog’s food. Basically what you do in this game is, place four cups on the table. You can take paper cups. Place some dog food in one of the cups then place all the cups upside down in front of your dog on the table. Shuffle those cups and ask your dog to select the cup which has the food underneath it. The Shell game for dogs also helps to improve problem-solving skills in your dogs.

The Toy Game

The toy game is especially for your dog’s recall and remembering ability. Every Dog owner owns some dog toys for their dog so that the dogs can play with those toys. In this game, you name those toys. Once your dog remembers those names you can then test whether your dog picks the right toy or not after you take the name of a toy. If your dog picks the right toy, you can praise your dog and then move on to the next toy. You can play this game not only with toys but also with other things but using toys in the initial stages is the right thing to do.


In this article, I have shared with you some of the best brain games for dogs that you can play to stimulate your dog’s brain and improve their problem-solving ability. As mentioned above, you should play these games with your dog quite regularly in fact make them part of your dog’s daily routine. Each game will only take a couple of minutes. Playing with your dog also helps you in creating a strong relationship with them and this will also make your dog more obedient. Dog owners especially love when their dog follows their commands.

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