Best Low Maintenance Dogs to Own

best dogs to own

If you are thinking to own a dog then there are a couple of factors that can come to your mind which can affect the decision you make. One of the factors is price while you also be thinking, after you bought one, you also don’t want to spend too much on its maintenance. This is the reason why in this article I have shared with you the list of best low maintenance dogs that you can own.

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Pugs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs that are small in size and are very active. These dogs are generally friendly and have very low maintenance costs. They don’t consume a lot of food and you will not have to spend on their equipment as well. Pugs are basically indoor dogs and this is the reason why if you decide to buy a Pug, it will spend most of the time with you indoors and because they are friendly, you will love its company. These dogs can also not survive in extreme hot and cold conditions.

Beagle Dogs 

Next on the list are Beagles. Just like Pug, these are also small size dog breeds and they prove to be very good family dogs. Beagle require daily exercise. If you decide to own one, then you have to take out some time for its daily exercise. The good thing is, even half an hour of walk is sufficient for them. Just like Pugs, you will not have to spend that much on their food.


If you work nine to five, then Maltese can be the dog for you. This dog breed is one of the cutest dogs breed. Their whole body is covered with hairs. Maltese weight ranges from three to five kgs and their life expectancy is between thirteen to fifteen years. Maltese are very active in nature. These are also very good watchdogs and should be kept indoors.

Boston Terrier 

Fourth on the list of best low maintenance dogs to own is Boston Terrier. This is basically an American breed of dog. Their height ranges from sixteen to eighteen inches. Boston Terrier is a human-friendly dog that loves humans. The first thing you will notice in them is their eyes. They have huge black rounded eyes. On the other hand, they have a short nose. Boston Terrier also easily gets along with children, other pets and also with the new visitors which visit your house.


I have shared with you some of the best low maintenance dog breeds that you can buy and keep in your home. All these dogs are friendly in nature and require little to no maintenance. In terms of food, it is always good to give your dog the best food but if you talk volume, these dogs consume very little. As these dogs are indoor dogs, you should also take out some time every day and take them for a walk. This will also fulfill their need for daily exercise because dogs do require some sort of regular exercise.

Feel free to comment below and tell what do you think about these dogs and if you own some other dog, do mention it. It will also be helpful for others.

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