Games to Play With Dogs Inside: Indoor Games For Dogs

indoor games for dogs to play

Games are a good way of keeping your dog busy. In this post, I will share with you some games to play with your dogs inside your house that can also make your dog stay active and busy. You should take out some time every day for these games. It won’t take more than thirty minutes from your daily routine. If you want to train your dog at home with the help of an online dog training course then check the review brain training for dogs an online dog and puppy training course.

Hidden Treasure and Toy Game

This is a very easy and basic indoor game for dogs that you can play. You can hide some treasure or a dog toy inside your house at any place for your dog to find it. You can make this game interesting by rewarding your dog if it successfully finds the hidden thing. If you use a toy, you can reward him by giving him dog food if it finds that toy. Or it can also be played with just hiding the dog food items. Here it is also important that you should show happiness by patting the dog whenever it finds things.

Tug of War 

The funny thing is even we humans play this game and this game can also be played with dogs. This game is great in terms of dog exercise as it requires force. Moreover, it is also a good activity to check how well your dog follows your commands. Like pulling the rope and then leaving it on your command. You can let your dog win and show appreciation. This will make it happy and also interested in playing the game again with you.

Dog Puzzle 

You can play the puzzle game with multiple things like dog toys, dog food, cards, etc. It will be good that you train your dog first so it knows what actually it has to do in order to solve the puzzle. Don’t forget to reward your dog for successfully solving the puzzle. Dog puzzles are considered a good activity because it stimulates the dog’s brain and also improves problem-solving ability in dogs. Therefore, include this activity in your dog’s daily routine.

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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a pretty straightforward game that doesn’t require any equipment or any other stuff. This game will also teach your dog the important commands like come, follow, sit and stay. Take your dog in a room and ask it to stay there. Then you can leave the room and find a good hiding place. Once you decide where to hide, call your dog by taking its name. Once your dog successfully finds you. Pat it and reward your dog.

Hand Game 

Just take something in your hand and stretch you’re both hands in front of your dog. Show your hands and that thing to your dog and then take your hands back. If you want to switch the position of that thing between your hands, switch it and then again stretch both hands in front of the dog. Let it point out the hand which contains the thing. Once done, repeat it.


In this article, I have shared with you easy games to play with dogs inside. These games also help to stimulate your dog’s brain and improve its decision and problem-solving ability. Make it a habit to play these games with your dog regularly as all these games require very little time. If you know of some more indoor interesting games for dogs, you can comment below and tell them about that game. We would love to include that game on the list too.

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