Games to Play With Dogs Outside

best games to play with dogs outside

It is very important that your dog is involved in some activity and playing games with your dogs whether inside or outside is one way of making your dog busy. I have already posted a blog on games that you can play with your dog inside. In this article, I will share some games to play with dogs outside.

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Frisbee Game

This is one of the most popular games to play. We all have played this game during some time in our lives. Frisbee game can also be played with Dogs and they would love this. Simply, throw the Frisbee and tell your dog to grab it and bring it back to you. This game is also good for dogs in a way that it involves physical exercise and running.

Tug of War Game

This is another game which you can play with your dog outside. There are also some commands which you can teach your dog with the help of this game. Like “stay”, “stop”, “pull” etc. Tug of war will also help in making the dog calm. Moreover, you can also make some rules before playing this game like marking the midpoint and not allowing the dog to cross that. If it does that, you can stop the game. Repeating this will make your dog learn this rule. Another rule can be regarding body touch. If your dog touches the rope with the body, you can instantly stop the game.

Dog Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure hunt game can be played indoors or outdoors. You have to choose some sort of treasure which your dog will find. This can be dog food or dog toys. Show it to your dog first and then hide the treasure at someplace. Tell your dog to find it. If it successfully finds the treasure, you should then reward it and pat it in order to show love and encouragement.

Obstacle Game For Dogs

In order to play this game, you will need to first set some obstacles in your lawn for your dog. Obstacles can be regarding dog jumping, bending down or lying down. Make sure your dog knows this and successfully cross these obstacles. These obstacles can be made with the help of wood etc. You can also watch videos on YouTube that will guide you in making the obstacles for this game.


These were some of the games that you can play outside with your dog. You should play these games quite regularly as it also has an effect on your dog’s behavior and can also address the issue of exercise for dogs. Feel free to share your experiences when you play these games with your dog by commenting below. We would love to listen from you.

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