How to Train Your Dog to Sit

how to train your dog to sit

If you recently kept a dog, then you probably will be looking to train your dog and teach it different commands to make it an obedient dog. Many people think about taking their dog to a dog training school but it is not that easy and it is also costly. Therefore, you want to train your dog at home. Teaching a dog to sit is one of the basic commands. In this post, I will tell you, how you can train your dog to sit. If you want to fully train your dog at home then you can check this online dog training course.

Train a Dog to Sit 

There are a couple of techniques that you can follow to train your dog to sit. I will tell you about both of these techniques. Both require some dog reward and the best reward that you can give your dog is dog food. Dog food plays a very important role in dog training. Let’s jump on to the two training methods.

Training a Dog to Sit – The First Method 

Take some treat in your hand. Just like I mentioned above, you can take some dog food. Once your dog notices that, it will take interest and will try to get it. It might also start coming towards you. Once it comes near you, take your hand near and above its nose and slightly move the hand towards its head. Your dog will move its head upwards in order to grab that treat. The only way it will be able to get it is if it bends its bottom and touches it on the ground. Once it does that say “yes” or press the clicker if you have one. Give your dog that treats and pat it well in order to praise your dog. Repeat the procedure for some time. If you do it regularly, you will reach a point where your dog will be trained to sit.

Training a Dog to Sit – The Second Method 

Now coming towards the second method to teach your dog to sit. Just like in the first method, take a treat (dog food) in one of your hands and sit in front of your dog. Now you need to wait for your dog to sit too. Once it sits on the ground say “yes” and give your dog that treat. Then stand up and move a couple of steps sideways and then sit again. Wait for your dog to sit again and once it sits, give your dog the treat and praise. The next time you can say “sit” rather than saying “yes”. Repeat the procedure.


By following the above mentioned two methods, you can train your dog to sit. Try both ways and see which one works better for you. Here, it is important to know that training a dog requires patience. Don’t become frustrated if your dog doesn’t follow your commands. Just give it some more time and train it. You can also check the dog training course shared above.

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